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Leading While Bleeding, A Holistic Coach's Path to Crystals Part II

La Shamanessa de Movimiento... "Movement is my medicine." 

Continuin' my riff with Rosangel Perez who sells Gemstones and Crystals with her sister Alex, together they are known as The Perez Sisters.  Solo, Rosangel is a Shamanic Movement Coach and also hosts her weekly talk show Cafecito Break on Blog Talk Radio.  She is named after her parents, Rosa and Angel.  [That's pretty doggone cool!] She's had quite a journey to date, not too worry, if you missed Part I you can catch up here

RA: ...if these are truly my last moments how do I wanna spend them?

A BIRD BLOGS ABOUT GEMS: One of my 'bibles' is the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. He talks about hitting rock bottom and that's when The Awakening can begin.

RA: I didn't look at it as hitting rock bottom only because in hindsight, there's different layers of hitting rock bottom.

A BIRD: [raucous laughter] I CAN SOOOOO RELATE!! OHHH YEAH!

RA: I looked at it as, I did that.  That moment was a blessing for me to be presented with this actuality, this possibility that I could be moments away from dying.

A BIRD: Yeah?  Wow.

RA: At that moment, what do I want to do with my time?  How do I wanna use that time?  It might really be limited.  Do I wanna call up my friends?  Do I wanna be dramatic?  Do I wanna call my family?  Do I wanna say goodbye?  This was like a real moment for me.

A BIRD: Hmmm

RA: I knew instinctively that I just wanted to be alone.  That I wanted to light my candles and light incense.  I took a beautiful shower.  Wrote a letter to my fiance, sharing my feelings of my Gratitude with him and I remember going to bed and putting my hand over my heart and talking to God saying "if these are my last moments I just wanna say Thank You.  I'm ready, I'm filled with Gratitude, I've had such an amazing life.  I'm ok with this."

A BIRD: You're gonna make me start BAWLIN UP IN HERE! OKAY BUT I HEAR YOU!!!

RA: Yes.

A BIRD: So you've shed away a part of what was Rosangel's identity as Line Producer of MTV, a very major cable network and you found yourself Awakening into your Spirituality.  In your Awakening Journey how did Gemstones come to play with you?

RA: In my transitioning, after I returned from a yoga retreat, within 2 months I left the job, left behind the condo; it was within that space that I knew I needed a lot of nurturing.  I was going to all the events that I could that were Alternative.  And there was this beautiful store Stick Stone and Bone.

A BIRD: Ah yes, I am familiar with that store in the West Village on Christopher St. I had a stone I wasn't sure what it was--it was brownish with layers of colors in that range plus it had a shape I wasn't familiar with.  I thought it may have been Smoky Quartz but as I examined it I thought 'hmmm don't really know, and I was tired of guessing. The woman that helped me took one look at it and said "Citrine."  Then she held it up to the light and said "that's a Smoky Quartz Citrine from the Congo!"  I said "no the guy I bought it from said it's from the so and so."  Emphaticly, looking over her glasses and down at me she said, "NO.  That is a Smoky Quartz Citrine from the CONGO!"  Later on I found out that she was absolutely correct lol!  That store is fabulous, they've got stones up the ying yang!

RA: When you're in a place like that surrounded by so many Crystals, something happens to your Being and your ability to open up becomes easier for things to be downloaded to you, information you may not connect, or understand in that moment.  And the other aspect is the people there seemed like mini-therapists.  I started to find whenever I was in an environment like that it was almost like I was revealing my soul to strangers, talking about these super-deep subjects in conversation that don't happen with everyday people.  And you're like boo hoo hooooo, sobbing and crying.  And while you don't know what's happening, you keep finding yourself gravitating back to that environment and picking up another stone and starting to understand that stone is calling you and not the other way around.  Why?  Because there's an energy or some sort of Crystal Medicine that is lacking within you that you need.

Stay tuned for the FINAL installment of Rosangel's story...

Rosangel lil wolf Perez is Radio Host of "Cafecito Break" on Blog Talk Radio, Sister Partner at Botanikal in Williamsburg, BK, & Founder of The Gratitude Movement on Facebook. She is a Movement Shaman who shares the natural healing medicine of laughter, dancing, gratitude, expression, and chanting thru Laughter Yoga & Shamanic Movement/Expression Classes. Her focus is uninhibited, natural sensual movement...

There's a healin' of the Earth y'all.
Let us be mindful in thought, word and deed.
Be kind to yourself, others and to Gaia.
Thank you for reading :-) 

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