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Fluorite, Selenite, Healing and Me

An Update more than a year later:
I am happy to report that the moving teeth have stopped moving! I no longer have that sickening sensation when I run my tongue over my teeth and hear crackle and pop!  I have been faithfully drinking water with Fluorite in it since the initial post and I also place the stones over my teeth bones before falling asleep. And while I haven't eradicated the periodontal disease, I have certainly seen great progress. As to the sciatica, I am pain free and have been for MONTHS due to a combination of Acupuncture, Ortho-Bionomy, and using the Gemstones Fluorite, Selenite and Calcite [in an upcoming post]. YAY!!!! 

There's a healin' of the Earth y'all.
Let us be mindful in thought, word and deed.
Be kind to yourself, others and to Gaia.

Here is my arsenal: 
My Fluorite, raw & unpolished

My Selenite slab that my dude calls "The Stickshift"
The task: 1) to heal my periodontal disease, 2) to heal my sciatica {or at least to get it to not shout so loud}. SO FAR: I found out last Monday March 4th that I have moderate periodontal disease. Now this wasn't news as I have been dealing with it for 13 years. In this time I  have gone religiously to the dentist twice a year for cleanings, flossed EVERY night, and for a time was using an electric toothbrush. At the same time, I have watched the gum pull away from two of my teeth, one so bad there are big gaps between my teeth. Very pretty indeed!  Oh yeah, they have also loosened up too.  And the weeks right before my recent dental visit, I could feel the bone loss--if I yawned, drank from a certain cup or vocalized, I could I feel 3 teeth move!!!!!!  Now, I don't need to tell you how absolutely UNNERVING that is!!!!!  SO.  Whenever I have told whoever was working on my teeth within the 13 years that I faithfully follow dental recommendations by flossing, brushing and visiting them on the regular they go 'oh, well it must be hereditary.'  Hmm...I think. I don't know how much I'm buying that!  I DO know that every time I would look at my gums over the years after a cleaning my gums would look higher on some teeth--meaning the gum looked like it was taking a ride upward.  Disquieting but I would trust the experts. Well now the gum is so high it's almost up to my eyeball!!!  Yeah ok, it's a bit dramatic on my part but whaddya want from a drama queen?

SO.  There have been many times my teeth have tightened rapidly after a visit to the dentist so I'm thinking/hoping this time would be no different.  Two days later, the movement is as extreme.  I am not likin' this at all, not one doggone bit!  In our last conversation, the dentist mentioned that I would possibly need to see a Periodontal Specialist.  [Gaddang it! What happened to the days when your dentist could just do EVERYTHING?!  Now EVERYTHING gets farmed out and that costs you and me MORE MONEY!].  Quite possibly I would need surgery.  Now perhaps root planing could be done but it wouldn't help the extreme toothy cases.  And of course science says once bone is lost in the mouth, it cannot be regenerated.  Well.  I never listened to what people had to say.  Especially when they say 'no' or 'can't.  Matter of fact, I also have a tooth that broke completely in half that has a temp crown on it.  Two dentists have said to get it pulled.  My dentist can't believe that I don't have any trouble with it and it's been broken since last May.  That's because I believe in and practice Natural Healing!  There are some things the medical profession will not understand because they don't want to.  I plan to keep this broken filed down tooth as long as I can!

Ok, SO.  I had a small Fluorite I had been placing on my cheek at night.  Fluorite is a calcium flouride crystal and one of the properties is that it's great for bones and teeth.  The night after my dental visit, I was lying in bed with the crystal over my tooth and directing my energy toward strengthening the bone and regenerating it [regardless of what the 'Brains' say].  As I was laying very focused, I received the information to immerse the crystal in water and to drink it.  SOUNDED LIKE A PLAN TO ME and the next day, I promptly forgot.  Luckily my dude said something that prodded my memory, OH CRAP, I GOT SOMETHING TO DO and set out to put my little purple crystal in my water glass, sending energy in asking for assistance for my bones and to provide my body with calcium which I KNOW I don't get anywhere near enough of.  On Saturday, I marched off to the flea market to buy the raw Fluorite I saw just the week before THERE ARE NO ACCIDENTS OR COINCIDENCES IN LIFE.  Backing up a bit to the week before, I was at the flea market to visit my favorite merchant Kaba with the amazing crystals but got sidetracked at Dabo's table [who has now become my new favorite merchant] with these stunning Ghanaian brass masks.  I see stones on the floor and ask 'what are those' as I don't recognize them at all. "Fluorite" Dabo responds, "from Madagascar."  Kewl, I think but I'm not in the market and buy the masks.  Ok now since I've gotten the insight to drink Fluorite water I run back to the flea market last Saturday to buy the crystals you see in the photo above.  The small blue one I have in my water cup and the two larger ones I place on my face at night and direct/focus my energy to heal.

SO FAR THUS FAR: my teeth have tightened up and it's less than a week AND they have stopped moving/making clicking sounds when I yarn, run my tongue over my teeth and drink from a specific cup.  I have also noticed a reduction in them fartzing around when I vocalize.  This, I LIKE.  The Journey continues.

On the sciatica tip: I have been going to an amazing Acupuncturist and Ortho-Bionomy practitioner for a while but still experience pain, especially when I sit in my office chair and work long hours on the computer.  But I place my slab of Selenite on my back while I sit and whatever pain I may have been having goes away.  Of course it's better when I remember to place "The Stickshift" there before I sit lol!

I also talk about Fluorite and Selenite in previous posts where I go more in depth to other experiences and their properties. 

There's a healin' of the Earth y'all.
Let us be mindful in thought, word and deed.
Be kind to yourself, others and to Gaia.
Thank you for reading :-)

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