Thursday, February 7, 2013

We Fear What We Don't Understand. Why?

In an earlier post about Angel Silva [who I call the Rockin' Gemstone Angel of Union Square] I touched upon how he got hassled by the NYPD while selling his Gemstones and educating people on what Earth's beautiful gifts can do--it was seing the stones on his table that re-awakened my love and interest for them.  He was my first as far as Gemstone sources so you KNOW I wasn't tryin' to hear he was harassed yet again and THIS time, it's downright VICIOUS!!! 

Last October, the cops approached his table and said it was illegal for him to pray over the crystals, that it was not in the bible [uh, do we live in America, the Land of Freedom of Speech AND Religion? uhhhhhh].  They grabbed him and his assistant, arrested them and while in the paddy wagon were teasing him about his religion, Regla de Lukumi (also known as Santeria, whose roots are in the Yoruba Religion from West Africa and influenced by Roman Catholic Christianity).  Then he was jailed for 25 hours!!!  For WHAT?!  Nobody doing any killing, armed robbery or rape that day????!!!!!!!!  But it gets better, they confuscated his property to boot!!!!  He went to court and won but to this day he STILL hasn't received his merchandise!  DANG!  He ended up outta pocket $3500.00 to hire a lawyer who specializes in these types of cases [Legal Robbery!].  Then add the hijacking of 4000 crystals, about $8000.00 to the mix.  But Angel is back out there, doin' his thang.  Oh yeah, but to do that he had to buy new inventory, cut and process it.
On his Facebook page Angel writes: "On March 13th of 2013 Angels Nature is going to trial. for practicing our religion and selling our artwork.  We have our First Amendment Right to express ourselves and practice our spiritual beliefs in the United States of America. I need your support so we keep educating and healing the community with the energy of nature..."
Artists in Union Square have been harassed for a couple years now, Bloomberg really slammed his fists down and what used to be a funky art scene is now gentrified up though a few diehards still stick it out and Angel is one of the toughest.  He isn't allowing the harassment and repeated jailing to stop him from being out there in all kinds of weather to do his part in Raising Consciousness and educating folks that there are natural gifts of the Earth to assist us in our Well-Being and Health without taking harmful drugs.  It was bad enough to arrest him, but to taunt him too?  Why do people fear what they do not understand?  Why?  Be it race, religion, gender you name it, we Humans sure can be hateful to each other, and that's because we feel we are separate and not a part of The Whole.

What would the world be like without Art, Music and Dance?  What would it be like without Gaia's Natural gifts like Gemstones?  What would WE be like?  

                             We are rapidly finding that out.
                                                                                   LOVE is the only way.

TEKTITE--Scientists debate if it is a meteorite, of meteorite + terrestrial rocks or terrestrial rocks made liquid from meteoric impact. Whichever is the case, it is said to raise one's vibrational level.

There's a healin' of the Earth y'all. 

Let us be mindful in thought, word and deed. 

Be kind to yourself, others and to Gaia.

Thank you for reading :-)

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